• Why TRX?

    Why TRX?

    For me, the TRX has been a wonderful blessing.  When I retired from the Army in 2001, degenerative conditions with my lower back had severely limited my ability to move efficiently.  All those years of marching with a heavy ruck sack and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes (not to mention my football injuries from high school) had caught up to me.  At 41 I moved like a man at least 20 years older than I was.  Complicating my ability to move even further came two necessary surgeries in two years between 2004 and 2007. (Major rotator cuff reconstruction and total knee replacement)

    I worked at that time as the Operation Manager as well as a personal trainer at one of the leading health clubs in Chattanooga. Although I was working to improve my sad condition through weights and flexibility classes it seemed the results were always going to be limited.

    Shortly after I recovered from my knee replacement, I was asked to cover a certification class for one of our head trainers who was unable to attend. It was called the Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) suspension system.  I looked it up.  I was instantly attracted because the inventor and the owner of the company (Fitness Anywhere) was a former Navy Seal and I had served in Army Special Ops myself.  So although I was skeptical concerning my abilities to perform many of the exercises I found online, it was a paid for certification so I figured I could at least observe and gain some great new tools to use with my clients.

    Bill Sonnemaker taught the class at Catalyst Fitness in Atlanta Ga. As memory serves me,  I believe he was at that time 5 time IDEA trainer of the year.  As impressive as that is, his professionalism and encouragement to an old man trying to make it in the civilian fitness world impressed me more.  “Before you say you can’t do it, just give it a try” was what he had to constantly remind me.  Before that Saturday was over, I was not only sold on the TRX, I could move my shoulders better than I had since my first injury in 1977 and I can’t tell you how long it had been since I was able to do a squat well past 90 degrees.  Though the years, my posture has continued to improved vastly and I don’t have the constant pain in my back I had grown so accustomed to.

    In summary, the TRX and more importantly, Fitness Anywhere continuing education courses have been the primary vehicles that I have used both professionally with my clients and personally to improve on so many aspects of my life!

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