• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 9

    It has been a difficult day.  Choosing to not eat pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, crackers, chips, etc after 2pm makes dinner time on the weekends challenging if you are eating out. Mexican and Italian are two of my favorite foods. Bill and I were playing the, “Where do you want to go for dinner?” game late this afternoon, I expressed the desire to eat somewhere with a good dinner salad.  Bill suggested Carrabbas….really????  I knew if we ate there I would surely cave and eat pasta.  Maybe once I have dropped weight and have all my eating squared away I can have that as my one cheat meal in a week. In all fairness, he knows how much I love their salads there but I was too weak to be strong enough to resist the pasta and the bread there.  We decided on Acropolis so I could get the chicken kabobs. I ate my salad and one kabob.  The rice, second kabob and pita bread was brought home to have for lunch since that is when I can eat the rice and pita.  Time of day for eating certain foods made a huge difference in my success when I lost weight before.  I don’t want to give up all the foods I love but the ones on the real naughty list must be eaten in extreme moderation…portion control, portion control, portion control. Only two days into the dinner goal and if I am very honest with myself I see where my biggest problem has been. It’s what I call hand to mouth disease.  This is when you keep bringing the fork to your mouth long after you are full but you want to keep eating because it tastes so good.

    A great tip to make smaller portions stretch is to eat very slowly.  This is also better for your digestion system as well as your relationships. If you sit down and shovel your food in your brain doesn’t get the stomach’s smoke signals that it really is full and stop eating until you have overeaten.  If you slow down your body can process plus you make a better conversationalist at the dinner table.

    This evening I finally made time to get my 30 minutes of exercise completed.  My phone only had 2% left so so I had to wait on it to charge to go walking. Finally, a little after 8pm I left to go to Enterprise South to walk up and down the hills there for half an hour. I had looked up the park closing time, 9pm, but when I got there the entrance gate was closed. Boo! I opted to walk the complex instead. I was determined to get my 30 minutes in for today. It felt good to walk.

    Each time I stick with my goal I know it will become easier and easier.  The water intake did. I met up with a friend today because she had never met our corgis. One of the first things she asked me today when I saw her was how I was doing with my water today. As it turned out at the end of the day I exceeded my goal by 32 ounces.  The water goal has become a lot easier.  I am looking forward to when the dinner goal gets easier to do. Baby steps lead to giant victories. Overall I am pleased with the progress now if I can be patient until the scale will move for me.

    Week 1 goals met…check

    Dinner goal met…check

    Exercise goal met….check

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Jane Chastain
Jane Chastain
3 years ago

Corgis are beautiful and so are you for sharing your journey. ! I thought I drank my water requirement, but after your blogs I realized that I was falling a little short.

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