• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 5

    It has been a long day working on the garage project…still not done yet. Today was a bit more difficult to get my water in. Way to much time was spent today trying to figure out why the app wasn’t reminding me to drink. It appears while wearing a headset listening to music causes the app to skip reminding you to drink. It wasn’t as hot today so I found myself beating a trail to the bathroom every time I turned around. I know this will get better as my body acclimates to the amount of water.  I wish it would hurry.

    Several have asked me which app I am using.  For a long time I was using iHydrate because it is free, however, I downloaded a new app called Water Minder for $4.99. I wanted an app that would work with my Apple Watch.  So far I really like this one.  The notification will pop up on my watch and I can choose a preset number of ounces or add my own to log how much I just consumed. Added bonus I can change the icon color to purple. I felt it was worth the $4.99. If you want an app that simply reminds you to drink water and allows you to add reminders at the times that work for you the iHydrate is great.




    One of the wonderful menopause attributes I have experienced has been acne. I never had problem skin as a teen except for the occasional blemish around my cycle. Water has many benefits to our bodies and one of those is for healthier skin. So far the skin on my face has been very angry.  I am trusting the breakouts are the result of the water pushing the toxins out of my body and my face will clear and stay clear. I am curious to hear from y’all if you have experienced this with the increase in your water intake. Let me hear from you on this subject.

    Today has been long and I will be up early tomorrow so off to bed for me and a short entry today. I am feeling great about making my water quota and drinking my breakfast shake each day so far.

    Arbonne shake for breakfast…check.  Water quota met…check.

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