• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 4

    Today I put the app to the test and it worked out great! This weekend I had decided it was time to do something about our storage garage.  Where we live we have two garages, one set up as a training room and the other a collection space for all our junk.  Boy, do we have some junk! We started out with our junk in one garage then added the second garage as a workout space. The complex where we live has various buildings with garages so the two were in different locations and neither close to our apartment.  We happened to ask the office one day if there were any coming available closer together and as a matter of fact they had one opening right next to the one we were using as the workout space. Yay! Bless Bill’s heart he took on the task of moving all the junk from one garage to the new one. More fun than he should have been allowed to have. At any rate, organization is NOT his skill set but it is definitely mine. Time management is just the opposite. Love how God has us compliment each other.  Back to the garage project, I finally got a bee in my bonnet to get the garage organized. A long weekend would give me plenty of time to tackle the beast, so away I go. Like I said yesterday, when I get involved in a project I lock in and forget about everything. I decided to try out my water reminder app on my phone.  I downloaded one that would work with my Apple Watch and set reminders every 15 minutes.  Considering it was 90-92 (verified by a thermometer) in the garage it was even more important for me to make sure I consumed my water quota and didn’t forget to drink while I worked. Armed with 3 bottles of water holding 16 oz each and reminders set I went to work.  Good thing too, because every time my watch dinged to drink I drank. I was soaked from head to toe working in there.  Tomorrow I will start much earlier but the photo shows a bit of the progress and one of the 3 water bottles I was drinking from.


    Earlier this morning I shared on the Dillard Training Ladies Weight Loss Support group page an article from WebMD regarding water called Water and Weight: Staying Slim and Regular with H2O.  I challenge each of you to read this short article and watch the videos included. They recommend drinking 1/2 – 1 ounce of water for each pound of body weight. I split the difference and go with 2/3. Of course, one of the tips was to drink small amounts throughout the day and don’t down 6 glasses at a time. This is where my handy dandy app worked great with 15 minute reminders.  Water is an excellent way to help boost your metabolism. Since menopause sucks the life out of your metabolism I will gladly drink more water to give it a boost.  Making changes to my food intake other than breakfast is not on the goal list for this week but I have to say drinking all this water has curbed my appetite quite a bit.  I feel full sooner and I am trying hard to use enough sense to stop eating when I feel full.  Sometimes it just tastes soooo good it is hard to stop. Additionally, often when you think you are hungry you really just need more water.

    Yeah I did it…I got on the scale again today. *eye roll*  Boo! I should have taken my own advice and stayed off the thing.  I couldn’t resist, I wanted to see if I weighed the same as yesterday. Nope, it was back up to 205.  Now I have to weigh tomorrow to see if I am back down to 203. I had to confess to you all because I suspect y’all do the same thing. We all do it…we just can’t help ourselves.

    Today was a success. Arbonne shake for breakfast…check.  Water quota met…check.  Added bonus I’m excited the water reminder app is fabulous.

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3 years ago

Which water app did you decide to use?

When I am drinking 96+oz of water on a regular basis, I start to crave it… Long for it… It sounds crazy to write it, but it’snap true. Yet if I don’t drink that much for some days the feeling subsides.

Although I can keep up with the water intake, sadly the bathroom at work is not conveniently located. It’s like a chore and with that much water I am going every hour.

I do have to stop drinking around 600pm otherwise I will wake up in the middle of the night.

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