• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 3

    As I sit here consuming more water to complete my water quota of the day I am aware of just how much water I have not been drinking. Until I measured it out and kept track I thought I was doing pretty good on my water intake.  Granted I have been peeing like a wounded wolf but my body has been getting a steady flow of water throughout the last 2 days.  Drinking 136 oz a day has been more challenging than I anticipated.  There hasn’t been time to really drink anything else so no room for soft drinks in the schedule.  Today I managed to get 16 oz in before my breakfast shake.  Yay!  It is a great idea to get your body started with water before anything else.  I am not a coffee drinker, in fact the smell even nauseates me, so I don’t reach for it first thing like most people.  Water first thing has never been a problem, however, some days I have found myself late morning and have not even had anything to drink.  I have a tendency to get locked into what I am working on and forget to do anything else be it, drink, eat or even potty. Like I said the other day, time management is not my skill set.  Bill will ask me all the time, “Do you know what time it is?” to which my reply is, “no.”  If I have no appointments I don’t pay attention to the clock…at all. Too much stress trying to keep track of what time it is all the time. It has been so hard to pay attention to the amount of water I have been drinking because that means I have to pay attention to the time.   Earlier today I was pondering on a better way to make sure I get the 136 oz in each day.  I have decided to buy a gallon container.  The plan is to fill it each night, stick it in the fridge to get cold then fill and refill my Hydro Flask throughout the day until the entire gallon is finished.  This will get me 128 oz then I can drink one more cup and achieve my goal.  I also have a handy dandy app on my phone and watch that notifies me to drink water.  I can set up notifications in the app to alert me, maybe I’ll try every 15 minutes to see if that works for me.  The key to any weight loss regimen is to make it work for your body and your schedule. I know I need to get this amount of water in so I have to find a means in which I will stick with doing it over the long haul. If it is too much out of the norm for me I won’t stick with it and sticking with it is a MUST!



    This morning I did what I tell my clients NOT to do.  I got on the scale to see if anything changed in 1 day. We all do it regardless of what we are supposed to do.  Thankfully it worked out for me today.  I got on and was at 203.0. SCORE!! Water is working.  Typically, most people will easily drop 10 lbs when starting a weight loss program if they do nothing but start consuming enough water, especially since most people don’t already drink enough water.  I am going to try real hard not to get back on the scale until I progress to the next step in my program…no guarantees that will happen.  Last summer I was working out diligently with a couple of friends.  I was doing great with workouts but never lost any weight, in fact I gained! I was so frustrated.  When I get honest with myself and look back, for starters I was not consuming enough water nor was I playing right with my diet.  You can NEVER out train your diet.  This time my approach is much more methodical.  I really need the weight to come off and stay off.  A lifestyle change needs to happen and be permanent…no falling off the wagon again.  I want to be able to wear the pretty clothes I have in my closet that I couldn’t get in right now to save my life.  I want to feel good and not have the pain in my body that is the result of so much extra weight on my frame.

    One of the things I have a tendency to do is try to conquer the world right out of the gate.  I have had to resist the urge to change everything and do it all at once.  I was laboring over what to eat for dinner this evening trying to overthink my choice when I stopped and reminded myself water and breakfast shake is the goal this week.  What I choose to eat for dinner is a change for another day but not today. I am a whole hog kind of gal so I am all in or all out.  This is a process not a race.  Success is more important than failure. Making changes gradually are the key to my success.

    Yesterday, I did my before photos. To say I was disgusted with what I saw would be an understatement.  Just as we have our clients do with assessments I will have my baseline data completed this weekend.  Many of our clients experience “sticker shock” when they see their baseline data.  I know mine will be discouraging but like I always tell them it is a starting point.  No one wants to do it on the front end but we all like to see the changes and compare with the starting numbers. I am still working up the courage to share my before photos.  There is a part of me that thinks sharing the baseline data will be easier than the photos. As soon as the data is completed I will share with you all.  I will remeasure and reassess probably every 2 months except with the weight.

    Today was a successful day. I stuck with my goals and recognized a potential pothole in the future but on track for today. This is one day at a time.

    Arbonne shake for breakfast…check!  Water goal almost done and will be before going to bed….check!



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Jane Chastain
Jane Chastain
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Leslie Thacker
Leslie Thacker
3 years ago

I’m following your journey. It gives me encouragement to begin my own journey. Keep up the good work.

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