• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 23

    Despite the close call on the vanilla crisis yesterday, I started the day with a chocolate covered cherry shake this morning.  Yum! Intentions were great to go over to Enterprise South to walk before it got very hot but in the end it wasn’t in the cards this morning.  This heat and humidity has been awful and to think we still have August coming.

    Bill and I went to a matinee today. We went early enough so I could eat popcorn before 2pm.  What goes better with popcorn than Coke?  I ordered a Cherry Coke, they didn’t have Vanilla Coke.  We scarfed down the popcorn but what I was surprised about was how I felt about the Cherry Coke.  As it turned out I didn’t drink that much of it because it didn’t taste that good to me.  By the time we made it back home Bill was having shoulder pain so he laid down to rest and ice it.

    A few hours later it was not quite as hot so I slipped out to take care of my exercise goal.  It was still pretty hot but the trees provided some good shade.  Success on the run back to the car from the halfway point.  Each day I go out I am running more and more of the second half of the workout.  My legs felt great from yesterday, I knew I had worked them but not to the point I couldn’t move.  If you haven’t walked/run over at Enterprise South you are missing out on a beautiful park.  I am so thankful and feel so blessed to live in an area with so many beautiful parks.



    Tonight while I was pouring more water into my Hydro Flask I started thinking about how these changes are a mindset.  I have to change my mindset toward food.  This coming week is the when new food goals will be set.  Lately, I have been contemplating a number of ways to make more changes to my diet.  This week lunch will be addressed.  I have a plan in the works and Instant Pot is likely going to surface in my not so distant future.  A Pinterest board has been created just for Instant Pot recipes, tips and tricks.  The research phase of my purchase is almost complete.  I am plotting a course for a full menu and changes to our diet.  The trick is to create a plan we will stick to and work with our hectic lifestyle.  Where is my Staples easy button when I need it?  Once the plan has been finalized I will share.

    Water goal met…check

    Breakfast goal met…check

    Dinner goal met…check

    Exercise goal met…check

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