• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 22

    As I sit here writing this I am already feeling the leg workout from earlier.  Oh the joys of mini bands and TRX for working legs.  A friend came over to enjoy the torture with me…misery loves company.  Monster walks forward and backward, forward and backward kicks and lateral walks with a mini band around your ankles is no joke.  We followed those with rear lunges to pistol squats, squats, sumo squats and side to side lunges on the TRX.  We combined hamstring leg curls on the ballast ball and Dynamax hamstring scissors.  We ended the workout with some TRX hip extensions and stretching using the TRX.  It felt great!

    This morning I had a moment of panic as I was making my shake.  For a couple of weeks now the shake de jour has been the Arbonne vanilla shake mix, frozen banana slices, a small handful of walnuts, some cinnamon and the best vanilla ever from Cozumel.  When we took our cruise I bought a small bottle because I didn’t know how good it was going to be.  This stuff is awesome!  I used it in my red velvet cake icing and oh my goodness it was the best icing I had ever made.  Bill said my red velvet cake is the downfall of his weight situation.  Ha! Anyway, I noticed the bottle was feeling a lot lighter.  It’s not looking like we will be in Cozumel anytime soon either.  Boo!  I can do the math on this and see I will run out long before we make it back to Cozumel.  While my shake was mixing I was looking over the bottle when the website for the vanilla jumped out.  Eureka!!! I can order it online and have it shipped. Major score.  I almost did a little dance in the kitchen over my ah-ha moment.  I checked the price and it is not expensive.  The shipping will be more than my vanilla but it is worth it.  Disaster averted, breakfast shakes will go on.

    I will delve into the different types of protein and some advantages/disadvantages on another day.  I am trying to get my water intake for the day so I can go to bed.  Tomorrow morning is a day for sleeping in…as long as Puddin Pop, aka Screech, will allow.  When she is ready for everyone in the house to be up she doesn’t just bark she screeches, thus the nickname.  It’s hard to believe that sweet little face looking up to her big sister could be such a character.  She is getting better as she gets older but I do get extra time to sleep tomorrow morning.



    Water goal met…check (at least it will be before I go to bed)

    Breakfast goal met…check

    Dinner goal met…check

    Exercise goal met…check

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