• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 2

    The response today from yesterday’s entry has been so moving.  Y’all touched my heart.  It is not easy to open up and lay it all on the line for all to see.  It is humiliating to be a trainer and so overweight.  The workouts for our groups are very effective and I love using them on my own.  They are partner based and the Dynamax ball is my absolute favorite tool we use.  I could do a Dynamax workout every single day and never tire of the balls and that is saying something.  Countless times when I have told people about our training I have said the workouts always change because I get bored with things easily.  I figure if I get bored you, the client, gets bored as well. Due to the nature of our training we coach while the client works out.  The workouts are only effective if you do them. Thus one of my problems. It is humiliating when I stand in front of a group knowing where my body is and should be.  Those coming into a session for the first time I feel is looking at me thinking they must not be effective or you wouldn’t look the way you do. This must come to an end starting now.

    I watched the season finale of Survivor Wednesday evening.  I have always wanted to audition for the show.  I have been a fan since season 2.  After the show went off I began researching how to get cast on the show.  One of the requirements is to submit a video of why they should select you.  Playing around I thought let’s just do a few second video to see how I come across on camera.  I couldn’t sit up straight enough to eliminate the multiple chins and how pudgy my face looked.  I know, I know the camera adds about 10 lbs but land sakes alive! What I saw was horrifying to me. It was at this point I knew I really had to get serious and formulate a plan and one that will work.

    One of my specializations through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine, who I am certified through) is a Weight Loss Specialist. Talk about having the tools in your toolkit.  One thing I am always telling clients is to take baby steps and make changes slowly so they will stick.  With that same mindset I have plotted my course.  This week the goal is to begin having my protein shakes for breakfast again.  I am making changes to one meal a day this week.  I have chosen to start with breakfast.  This is the easiest meal for me to change right now.  More on that in a moment. The other goal for this week is my water intake.

    Water intake is one of the most important factors in a weight loss program and a long term healthy lifestyle.  This is the most important goal for me each day this week.  I took my vehicle to have my oil changed and my A/C fixed this morning.  I have had no air since last summer and a menopausal woman with hot flashes in a hot car is more misery one person should have to endure.  As I sat waiting I did some math.  My real estate training has taught me to take something that is overwhelming and reduce it to the ridiculous.  After weighing in at 205 lbs. yesterday I divided my weight into thirds then multiplied by 2. So daily water intake goal 136 ounces.  Holy cow!! Really?? That is a lot of water. How in the world can I accomplish this? My water bottle I drink from all day realistically holds 16 ounces with ice even though it is a 32 ounce Hydro Flask. I have yet to figure out how they get 32 oz in there but this is common because when I measure my Yeti with ice and the amount of water it holds it doesn’t match either.  By my calculations I need to consume 8-9 bottles of water. Ok so that is a little better than 136 oz. but still daunting.  Looking at my day I am usually up and moving about around 14-16 hours a day.  So erring on the conservative side let’s calculate at 14 hours.  I divided up the 136 oz by 14 hours to come up with 9-10 oz an hour, this is becoming much more doable but let’s take it one more step. I only have to drink 2.5 oz every 15 minutes…this I can do! That is more like a big gulp every 15 minutes. Due to weight gain and swelling most like the result of insufficient water my fingers have swollen to the point I couldn’t get my wedding rings off to save my life right now. I have always had skinny fingers.  I only wear a size 4.5 ring so it will go over my knuckles then they spin in place. My rings in my current state don’t hardly turn on my finger much less come off.  This is yet another reason to get this weight off, I want my skinny fingers back.

    Water and one meal a day is an achievable goal for this week. My naughtiness with the rest of my eating will be addressed another day. It is important you don’t set yourself up for failure right out of the blocks. Breakfast is the easiest meal for me to change. I love my Arbonne protein shake mix.  This morning I was in a hurry but knew I needed to get my body going with good protein.  Had I skipped breakfast I would have been putting my body in starvation mode and thereby slowing my metabolism….NOT my goal. This morning I made a chocolate covered cherry shake, 8 oz unsweetened original flavor almond milk, a scoop of chocolate Arbonne shake mix and a scoop of vanilla Arbonne shake mix and frozen cherries. Very yummy and filling.  This was the easiest goal achieved today.


    I have to admit the water has not been easy.  It is 10 pm and I still have more water to consume. So far I have had 112 oz with only 24 oz to go.  I ordered unsweet tea with lunch but they brought me sweet, yes I drank it but on the refill I asked for unsweet. At dinner I ordered Dr. Pepper and water with lemon.  I emotionally needed the crutch the Dr. Pepper provided, however, before drinking the Dr. Pepper I committed to drink the water first.  As it turned out I only drank half the Dr. Pepper and did NOT take one to go…I always take one to go.  Next time I think I can skip the soft drink and only have water. Like I said yesterday sugar is my crack…baby steps.  Sugar and soft drinks are so addictive for me.  If I drank alcohol I would be in trouble.  I can suck down sugary drinks quick.  I laugh about the time Bill and I were in the drive through at Glen Gene Deli (now Firebox) off Shallowford.  He wanted to go through the drive through but I wanted to go inside because I was thirsty and wanted a sweet tea.  The girl at the drive through window handed us our drinks first.  While we waited on her to give us our food I sucked down my drink.  When she came back to the window with our food I asked for a refill.  I thought Bill was going to crawl under the vehicle in embarrassment.  I wanted to get my money’s worth and I was parched.  Oddly enough, drinking water quickly just doesn’t happen. It isn’t near as tasty as the sugar.  Drinking 136 oz of water today is huge and it will be done before I go to bed tonight. Small victories for today.

    Today is the first day of changes. This week getting the water in and the shake for breakfast each day is the goal. Day one…check!

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3 years ago

Love this Patti! I use to drink a gallon of sweet tea a day! For two or so years now I have one coffee amd then water the rest of the day. Now I cant drink tea. Sweet drinks make me even thirstier. Too syrupy now so I can truly say I love my water now. Theres HOPE. 🙂

Jane Chastain
Jane Chastain
3 years ago

I really need to get back to eating breakfast before 10.00 and make it more than a protein bar

Diane Alosi
Diane Alosi
3 years ago

Patti, this is awesome! It’s such a struggle. I admire your transparency. I miss seeing you!

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