• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 19

    Mondays happen and today was definitely a Monday.  It seemed the day was a struggle from the time I got up until now.  I love our cute puppy Puddin Pop but we are in puppyville full force.  She is a stinker too!  She can no longer be contained by the doggie fencing because she is a clever little thing.  It didn’t take her long before she figured out how to open it and escape to chew.  As with any teething pup everything is a big chew fest.  She has gotten big enough she is able to jump on the furniture now so she can get on the sofa and bed like her big sisters.  She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of letting us know when she has to go potty every time.  I was busy doing something and not paying attention then smelled it…pet owners everywhere you know the smell I’m talking about.  Poop!  Yes, she pooped, not on the floor, oh no, she got on the bed and pooped on the bed!!!  All the bedding had to be washed.  Now the time I had set aside for my 30 minutes of exercise turned into a laundry fest.  Now that I am home and finished for the day with appointments it just is not happening tonight.   I am spent.  I will stay up to get my water in but that is it no exercise today.

    While all the pooh was flying today lunch ended up consisting of a Kind bar.  Fast forward to finishing my appointments and starving due to a lack of food, I wanted more than a salad for dinner.  We went to Acropolis so I could get the chicken kabob.  At least I made a couple of good choices, I ordered the kabob and instead of the rice I got grilled asparagus.  It comes with a salad and pita bread.  It was after 2pm and I didn’t care I ate every crumb of my pita bread.  It was soooo good.  I have no regrets.  At least no birthday cake this week, right.  One of their special desserts right now is German chocolate cake.  I am not a big chocolate dessert eater but I love German chocolate cake.  I did NOT get any.  Win!!  I refuse to feel guilty about the pita bread and the fact I ate every single bite of my dinner, which I normally take half home to make two meals.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully the scale will be kind.

    Today I finally broke through to 199.6!  The scale will fluctuate over and under 200 a few days before it finally stays under but it was the high point of the day to break through.   This weight is going down!!

    Water goal met…check

    Breakfast goal met…check

    Dinner goal met…not so much

    Exercise goal met…no but tomorrow is a new day.


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