• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 11

    This afternoon I got on the scale, not my usual time of day and also at a time I typically weigh more, but yippy skippy I was down to 202.4.  Woot woot!!! The goals I have established for the scale are in 5 lb increments so getting just under 200 will be a major victory. The next will be 195.  As the weight begins to come off, I am looking forward to all the changes, loose fitting clothes, being able to take my rings on and off my finger, being able to wear shorts because my thighs won’t rub together making a rash on my skin, feeling better in my own skin, sense of accomplishment and regaining my self esteem.  I am already feeling the difference with the water intake. My skin is clearing up and it doesn’t feel as dry.



    Tabatas were on tap for today for my upper body workout using TRX, ViPR and my slideboard for a little extra cardio. It was a sweltering 92 in the garage when I got started so lots of fans were involved. We have a great setup for training in our garage. I really enjoy working out there. So far so good getting at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day.



    I have been analyzing my goals and when to add new goals to the mix.  As of today the plan is to stick with the current goals for the remainder of week 2 – week 4. It is my thought process that sticking with these goals through June 20 will solidify them as a habit. The key here is to create a new lifestyle.  I believe once I have practiced these new habits long enough I can then add new changes. One thing I want to point out is you can’t allow the dos and don’ts of your journey to stress you. Keep your changes simple enough that you can stick with them. If your goals are to drink enough water, eat clean with all your meals while counting every calorie, exercise 5 days a week and sleep 8 hours a night but you are frazzled over counting your calories and not sure how to make your meals right because you live a very busy life plus work 12 hours a day then STOP. Back up and analyze your goals. Choose 1-3 goals you can easily change and be consistent with until you are comfortable. It is great to be an overachiever but often overachievers will burn out and won’t stick with the changes long term. My real estate has taught me a lot about setting SMART goals.  SMART is an acronym used when setting goals. You want to set goals that are:

    • Specific – write it down, be as detailed as possible
    • Measurable – make it where you can track your progress
    • Achievable – don’t make it so lofty you can never achieve it
    • Relevant – make sure it matters to you
    • Timely – give your goal a target date

    If you find yourself looking at your goals in your weight loss journey and they are too much to keep up with then reevaluate and follow the SMART goal formula. For myself I recognized I have bit off all I can chew at the moment. I want to succeed so I have to do this slowly.

    I will be writing about the affects of stress on weight loss but until then….Keep up the great work! You can make it ladies!

    Week 1 goals met…check

    Dinner goal met…check

    Exercise goal met…check

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Diane Alosi
Diane Alosi
3 years ago

Great work Patti!! You are inspiring me!!! I really miss that workout!!!

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