• One Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey – Day 1

       My name is Patti Dillard and I am a Realtor (15 years) and a personal trainer (6 years) yet I find myself at 48 years old, 5’7″ with a small frame carrying 205 lbs. Being a trainer I know what to do but find myself struggling to get the weight off and stay committed to a lifestyle where I practice what I preach.  So here with each of you following I am beginning a new weight loss journey.  I have decided to share this journey as a means of accountability for myself and in hopes of being an inspiration to any who follow and may be fighting their own weight loss battle.

    A little back story for you to have a better understanding.  As a child I was skinny as a rail, I could eat anything I wanted and never gain a pound.  The struggle with my weight began to show up in my teens and 20’s.  As I went through my 30’s it became even more difficult.  I could no longer eat whatever or however much I wanted, I love to eat.  I have roots in New Orleans and we enjoy the flavors of food. When I eat it is an experience and joy. Early in my 40’s a friend asked me to join her in a boot camp that was once a week.  Her invitation came at the right moment. I was wearing size 12 and needed to purchase size 14.  The size 12 clothes were too tight. I jumped at the opportunity and it gave me accountability.  I had to show up because I was paying for the boot camp and didn’t want to waste my money or let my friend down by not showing up. At this point I was not a trainer so I didn’t know what I know now. With guidance from the coach I worked hard and lost about 60 lbs.  I went from a size 12, really 14, to a size 4.  I felt great and so thrilled with what I had accomplished.  The photo to the right was at my best.  I was never turning back….

    Life happens…fast forward to 2013 when Bill and I were getting married and I had already gained some of the weight back but found a wedding dress I loved. The dress was on sale at a fabulous price.  The sales clerk was condescending because the dress did not look good on me nor did it fit correctly due to the weight I had gained. As I stood in the dressing room wanting to cry I resolved to change me not pay to alter the dress. Alterations were going to cost more than the price of the dress.  I was a woman on a mission.  Wedding day arrived and the dress fit perfect! Fast forward to 2016, we had a cruise vacation planned.  I worked hard because I wanted to feel better about myself on the ship and I had dresses I wanted to wear but again modified me to fit in the dresses.  A pattern is emerging… My weight has been up and down like a window shade.

    My work as a Realtor and handling all the admin work for Dillard Training has me sitting in front of a computer long periods of time.  Time management is not my strongest skill set…in fact it quite possibly could be my worst.  Hours go by and I find myself still sitting and have no clue how much time has passed.  I know sitting long periods is one of the weight loss enemies.

    Now that I have laid out the short version of my background, let me open up about the emotional  side and frustration of this process. As a trainer I know what to do to lose weight. I know what worked before. I recognize my list of problems to overcome, I love to eat, I love sugar (sugar is my crack) and sugary drinks, I struggle to get my workouts in, I am a procrastinator and I am 5 years into menopause as well.  None of my clothes fit, my self esteem is at an all time low, I am heavier than I have EVER been in my life and I am thoroughly embarrassed to be seen by people and tell anyone I am a trainer, I feel their judgement.  I hate how I feel and look. There have been countless times when I have sat down and cried while trying to find something to wear to meet a client and show them property or go to a closing.  I have been processing and trying to get motivated to get back on track yet I find myself caving into the cravings for a little something sweet, the vanilla coke or fruit flavored tea.  I finally opened up to Bill and expressed my frustration with myself and lack of self control.  I mean I had done this before, right? Why can’t I seem to do it again? What was the “it” that motivated me to stick to my guns and drive through overcoming?  I have prayed asking for wisdom and help to recapture that spark and determination.

    In the course of mine and Bill’s discussion this evening regarding a means for accountability the light came on to blog my journey. Here we are on this journey together.  I will be updating my progress.  I hope this helps you as much as it does me.  There will be photos along the way. Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

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3 years ago

I feel your pain 100% of the struggle!!! Iam where you are now. Ive been looking around for the perfect place that will help me lose weight, manage my nutrition with juggling”Life” lol. I have high blood pressure which isn’t really high but am on meds for it. I also have anxiety as well and was given meds for that months ago but haven’t started taking them bc of my anxiety. Ive been on these same meds before and loved the outcome. I plan on taking them soon….I saw you and your husband have opened up a training facility in your garage…I love that. I was going to hit up on fb since we are friends n know each other somewhat through Fish Mania. We have talked briefly about you being a trainer which ive keep in the back of my mind for a day like today…lol…I want your help I need your help!!!

3 years ago

Well, that didn’t work like I thought… I look forward to your journey and how it motivates me to tag along.

Joanna Owen
Joanna Owen
3 years ago

How inspiring of you to share your journey! I’ll be following you and praying for you! I share many of your struggles I am in my 50’s and in a rut! My metabolism has plummeted, lost a job and not happy with myself at all. Our daughters are grown and happy! One is married and just had our first grandchild! We are in the process of downsizing from our home to a much smaller one. I’m very happy about downsizing, but it’s emotionally and physically taxing parting with “stuff” and the home!

Tamara sump
Tamara sump
3 years ago

Patti, you are gorgeous inside and out!!! But, I COMPLETELY get it!!!! I feel like I could have written this blog. You will overcome and become the person you strive to be on the outside….the person you already are.

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