Dynamax Medicine Balls

As noted earlier, Dillard Training sessions can be described as personal training in a group environment. It features special tools and skills rarely combined in group fitness. One of the featured cornerstones of this program is the Dynamax Medicine Ball.

“The goal: To create the most efficient flow of directed motion possible.  The standard Dynamax Medicine Ball achieves just that.  Its 14” diameter is ergonomically designed to maximize performance in the most functional way possible.  The original Dynamax Line sets the standard for medicine ball design, and construction.  Durable, and the tool of champions the world over, our Standard Line has been tried, tested, and proven for over two decades.”(1)

Dynamax Medicine Balls are used by over 90% of all NFL, NBA and MLB teams and it is the official ball of the Crossfit USA and European Games.  Dynamax Medicine Balls were designed by coaches for athletes.  “The 14 inch diameter keeps the body in neutral spine.  Smaller diameter balls cause the shoulder girdle to pronate, which pulls the body out of neutral spine and decreases biomechanical efficiency.  Neutral Spine = Max Stability and Max Stability = Max Power. The cored construction shields the users from impact allowing trainees to throw the ball with maximum velocity and horsepower without risk of injury.”(1)

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