• Why Dynamax Med Ball Training?

    Why Dynamax Med Ball Training?

    I have attended the Atlanta Mania (SCW) fitness convention in Atlanta every summer since 2009.  It an unbelievable experience that I highly recommend for any professional who wants to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness industry.

    I signed up late in July of 2010, and so I didn’t get most my first choices but instead I had four Dynamax Med Ball sessions scattered throughout the three day event.  I figured since I knew all I needed to know about medicine ball training, I would haggle with registration and change my sessions once I got to Mania.  (That’s what everyone does right?) There wasn’t time to get the first one changed on day one so I went ahead to the first class, “Dynamax Boot camp ”  The presenter’s name was Laura Cisneros owner of Dynamax and Urban Animal Fitness out of Austin Texas.

    Dynamax class 2

    Now if you haven’t attended a Mania or similar fitness convention, I need to explain a few things just so you all can understand!  First of all, you will find yourself taking in as much information and as many classes as you can endure as a human being!  For me, I always think I will observe this class and participate in that one etc.  Then the music starts! And of course the presenter’s at SCW Mania are the best on the planet.  Usually you find yourself right in the middle participating in the class!

    On that day, I had  taken two excellent high intensity cardio style classes and I was smoked!  My knee was swelling and I thought I should observe the Dynamax training.  The plan was to sit on a stabilization ball (there was a stack up by the stage next to Laura’s Dynamax Med Ball stack.  After all, I knew all about Med Ball training anyway! Then I met the girls from Texas!  This was my introduction to the Cisneros system of training! With a grin on her face and her team standing beside her she asked, “What is the matter papaw? I told her and asked to use a ball to sit on.  her reply? “Awe I feel sorry for you!  I don’t care those aren’t my balls, (pointing to the other stack) these are my balls!  I looked at her in shock at her rudeness as she grinned “Just kidding, we understand, we ran track in college, but seriously, don’t expect any sympathy from me biscuit, just put your ball right up front! You are working with me, you won’t be sitting  long and this training is going to blow you away!”  Never has a statement been more true.

    Needless to say she crushed me and I learned more about Med Ball training than I could ever have believed possible!

    I will get into the specifics and the “why” of Dynamax Med Ball training in my next post!  Our company has over 20 Dynamax balls to date and another 15 have been purchased by our cooperate clients for Dillard Training (DT)  on site classes.  Obviously I bought in to this training and the product!  It fit the DT and TRX philosophies and made us a significantly better training company. I can’t thank Laura enough for singling me out that day!

    Dynamax Group pic

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